“Apart from giving us a handful of unlikely masterpieces, postmodernism turned out to be a dead end in fiction. The standard postmodern novel resembled the Pompidou Centre in Paris (and now seems just as dated): all the plumbing and the wiring, all the workings of the structure, are brazenly exposed. Such a novel tells you it’s a novel; it subverts the usual illusion of a plausible narrative placed in a plausible world. Postmodernism lasted for half a generation before coming up against a vanishing point of fruitless solipsism. But it was a development that proved to have tremendous predictive power. Today, reality itself feels postmodern: wised up, value-free, shallowly transparent, cynical, shameless and absurd. In physics, white noise is “noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities”. And this is the digital age: the frequencies are near infinite in number, but the intensities are all the same.”
— Martin Amis on White Noise by Don DeLillo (1985), Guardian, 13 Sept 2014


The Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO tweeted some advice for Russian soldiers entering Ukraine. Moscow claims that the soldiers are mistakenly crossing over, according to NPR

“Fitness apps can now track elevation changes with a built-in barometer. This doesn’t matter unless you exercise, so chances are this doesn’t apply to you.”